63 Signatories of the Open Letter to Calderdale Council

This Open Letter was signed by the following businesses and residents of Calderdale by Monday 7 June 2021. is publishing this list, as “Hebden Bridge Times”, “Todmorden News” and “HebWeb” decided not to pubish anything,
The Facebook chat groups “Hebden Bridge” and “Mytholmroyd” are also practicing censorship – and none of the 51 Councillors has responded in the first 10 days after receiving the letter.

  1. Aaron Toner, Mytholmroyd
  2. Abdul Karim, “Greek Olives” stall, Hebden Bridge
  3. AJ Creedy, Hebden Bridge
  4. Andy Bolton, Hebden Bridge
  5. Angela Birks, Hebden Bridge
  6. Anna Louise Bateman, Mytholmroyd
  7. Benjamin Halford, Callis Wood Bottom
  8. Collette Parker, “Hebble End Coffee Lounge” Hebden Bridge
  9. Daniel Debenham, “The Old North”, Hebden Bridge
  10. David Fletcher, Hebden Bridge
  11. David Hill, Brighouse
  12. Davina Kecun, Hebden Bridge
  13. Dawn Petrichor, Dodnaze
  14. Dominic Winstanley, Todmorden
  15. Elaine Smith, Todmorden
  16. Ella Brane, Hebden Bridge
  17. Emma, “Sweeneys of Tod”, Todmorden
  18. Eric Booth, Hebden Bridge
  19. Gemma Noble, “Le Jardin Rustique”, Sowerby Bridge
  20. Helen Lesham, Hebden Bridge
  21. Jane Nightingale, Todmorden
  22. Jeremy Watson, Hebden Bridge
  23. Jessica Summers-Jackson, “Hebden Bridge Hypnotherapy”
  24. Joanne Walsh & Henri Smith-Owen, “Blue Japanese street food”, Hebden Bridge
  25. Joyce E. Corcos, Hebden Bridge
  26. Julia White, Mytholmroyd
  27. Karen Barlow, Todmorden
  28. Katrina Aslet-Clark-Todmorden
  29. Lizzie & Wayne Leadbeater, “O’Crumbs!”, Elland
  30. Lucy Tatam-Ogden, Hebden Bridge
  31. Marilyn Edwards, Old Town
  32. Mark Helston, Blackshaw Head
  33. M. Priestley, Southowram
  34. Martyn Boddy, Mytholmroyd
  35. Dr. Martin Roberts, Halifax
  36. Michael Green “Plenty of Fish & Chips”, Mytholmroyd
  37. Michael Ogden, Mytholmroyd
  38. Mikhail Cannon, Mytholmroyd
  39. Naomi Rhodes, Cragg Vale
  40. Neely Taylor, Hebden Bridge
  41. Nicolas Jon Groves, Todmorden
  42. Pamela Longshaw, Todmorden
  43. Poppy Tatt, Hebden Bridge
  44. Rachel Low, Old Town, “Homeopathy and Complementary & Alternative Healthcare”
  45. Ralph Nimmann, Hebden Bridge
  46. Remzi Sasma, “RendezVous Bistro”, Hebden Bridge
  47. Richard S. Hirst, Hebden Bridge
  48. Rick, “Rick’s Mexican”, Hebden Bridge
  49. Roisin Hodgson, Hebden Bridge
  50. Roger King, Warley
  51. Rohana Joneen, Eastwood
  52. Ros Owens & Lou, “Muse Music & Love Café”, Hebden Bridge
  53. Rosie Blunn, Hebden Bridge
  54. Sarah Heselwood, Todmorden
  55. Sarah Kay, Mytholmroyd
  56. Satnam Singh, “Hebden Bridge Post Office”
  57. Shira Kimmerling, Charlestown
  58. Simon “The Sowing Man” stall, Hebden Bridge
  59. Sophie McAdam, Sowerby Bridge
  60. Stuart Andrews, “Not a Full Shilling”, Heptonstall
  61. Terry Donegan, Halifax
  62. Tony Driver, “Heavy Crates”, Hebden Bridge
  63. Xena Parker, Brighouse

Here is the one page word document of the Open Letter.
Several other businesses and individuals agree 100% with this,
but did not want to add their names, as they feared repercussions
in the current climate of division.

If you like to add your name, (business) & place of residence in Calderdale in a follow up supporter list, use the form below
(your email will not be published):


    Open Letter To Calderdale Councillors & Council

    7 June 2021

    With local Councils having more powers, they also have more responsibility – and accountability.
    We urge you, our Council, to follow the independent science, rather than the government, to avoid illness and deaths especially among the younger population.

    We are ashamed that some of our businesses which are pillars of social wellbeing have been fined £1000 in the past for not complying with government guidelines.
    We demand the immediate and permanent cessation of all restrictions and plans for any future lockdown.

    We ask our Councillors and Council, to support the people and local businesses, and use all your powers and forces to secure and protect the freedom of choice, movement and going about our own business.

    We expect you to decline the government’s requests to spy on us with covid marshalls, video vans and Council officers controlling what the people, local businesses and organisations do, and support us instead.
    Freedom is the basis and precondition for happiness and health.

    Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or other physical impairment [WHO]

    “Ramping up heavy-handed enforcement of rules will do more harm than good” and: “Hiring undercover officers to spy on people is an insult to the efforts communities across the country have made to look after and protect each other during the pandemic.” []
    “Lockdown was a monumental disaster on a global scale. The cure was worse than the disease.” [Prof. Mark Woodhouse, Express]
    “Is this serious enough to warrant putting most of our population into house imprisonment, wrecking our economy for an indefinite period, destroying businesses that honest and hardworking people have taken years to build up, saddling future generations with debt, depression, stress, heart attacks, suicides and unbelievable distress inflicted on millions of people who are not especially vulnerable, and will suffer only mild symptoms or none at all?” [former Supreme Court Judge , Lord John Sumption in a BBC interviw]

    On is a thorough analysis of the virus situation with evidence that “the cure has been much worse than the disease”:

    • SARS-CoV-2 fatalities have been vastly exaggerated based on “not fit for purpose” PCR tests with high false positives and statistical manipulations like labelling fatalities within 28 days of a positive test result as “covid deaths” – regardless of the cause of death.
    • 22 scientists found 10 major flaws peer reviewing the scientific paper used as basis for the PCR test, which clearly shows the PCR test is not fit for purpose.
    • Total death numbers are in the normal range.
    • The overall herd immunity in Britain is over 70%, and the Herd Immunity Threshold HIT of 17% (point of “flattening the curve”) was reached already a year ago.
    • More than 100 studies show that “loneliness and isolation kill” – on the other hand socialising, human contact and touch, singing and dancing together, laughing with friends and relatives all contribute to happiness, mental, social and overall health and wellbeing.
    • Stress, uncertainty and fear lead to illness.
    • A COVID-19 Study of almost ten million found no evidence of asymptomatic spread, so there is no point in policing social distancing

    Sent to 51 Calderdale Councillors and to Calderdale Council on Monday 7 June 2021 as a one page word document
    signed by 63 Calderdale residents and businesses

    If you would like to add your name, (business) and location in Calderdale as a supporter, please use the contact form HERE.

    If you want to sign the above Open Letter,
    provide your name or business and location in Calderdale HERE.
    It will be sent to all councillors and the Council on or soon after 7 June.

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