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updated 15 May 2021

Having read all the chapters in “We’ve got it all wrong” can be overwhelming and disheartening; but it is important to know the facts.

Don’t forget to LOOK AFTER YOURSELF and don’t become part of the problem. Instead of fighting the darkness (and feeding it with your energy): focus on LIGHT and love.  
The power of focussing on something POSITIVE: heart, love, joy, health, community, friends, hugs is amazing and will ripple out and shine away darkness and fear. 

In this Radical Self Care‘ video, Kelly Brogan shows us:

  • Why self-care is the most radical form of activism
  • Why healing the body puts us on a spiritual path
  • The core belief that leads to a med-free life
  • Why it’s never been more important to become your own healer

Here are some motivating, uplifting and encouraging words for you:

Humanity is rising up as a huge army of truth and love
Something truly remarkable is going on today… Normal people who have no name or fame whatsoever, are changing the world. Housewives, unemployed fathers, students, teenagers, businessmen, medical doctors, teachers, prisoners,… literally people from every walk of life, are doing something that is transforming the consciousness of humanity.
No longer is the world entirely controlled by Big Media, Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Banking and Big Tech. No longer is mankind listing only to the voices on the Big Screens.
There is a movement emerging, and increasing in force every day, of regular people who are all joining in the same battle, to free the world from the tyrannical mind control by the elite, who own all the ‘Big’ things.
What is this new army of truth doing? They are spreading truth by all means….
Some post it all over social media, others hand out flyers, some put-up posters, many are sending emails to their contacts, and the real warriors who are making the greatest impact do all of these things… and more!
This is not one single man of woman, who can be censored or arrested.It is an army of many millions of people.

They are shocked to discover how they have been lied to, and how their lives are under attack by money hungry madmen, who are using them to further enrich themselves.
They are enraged to find out how severely the governments have been lying to them.
They are infuriated to see how innocent children are being abused by this elite.
They have been aroused from a deep sleep of total ignorance, and suddenly they see what is going on.
Their hearts are on fire with a righteous fury against the crimes that are terrorizing humanity as a whole.
They are passionate with a burning compassion for the hurting world, and they are willing to risk their very lives, to stop this cruelty….” Carry on reading…

Other things you can do to support your health:
Make kefir easy yourself (and boost your gut based immune system): buy organic milk + one small bottle of kefir. Add a cup full of kefir to the milk, shake, and keep it in a warm(ish) place. Shake again twice a day; after one or two days the milk has fermented into kefir.
Keep refrigerated and use some of this kefir to start the next one.
Humming has antiviral properties and inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV.
If you can’t avoid a PCR test, you could hum a while to increase the NO before, to avoid a “positice” result. Or put a drop of iodine on salt in a squeezy bottle and sniff it up your nose and inhale.
You find more tips and inspiration how to stay healthy during these strange times in the article “We Need To Focus On The Immuune System…

STOP watching TV news
and listening to BBC radio 4.

You will notice how the spell of fear and manipulation slowly dissolves.

Surround yourself with silence,
and you may find more inspiration coming from within.

One night, two mice fell into a milk pot and could not
get out any more. They tried in vain and got exhausted.
“What’s the point – I give up” said one mouse and drowned.
“I am not giving up” said the other mouse and kept paddeling.
By the morning, the milk was churned into a lump of butter,
which enabled the mouse to get out.

Focussed persistance leads to success.

Inspire others the way you are.
Show courage. Speak out!
“All evil needs to succeed, is the good to say nothing”

Be an example for others.
Center in your heart.
Surround yourself with silence and beauty, so you can establish contact to inspiration.
Find inner peace, trust and stability. Breathe. Fear nothing.
Radiate joy,humour and love.
Share a smile, laugh – and
be lovingly human.
Dance like nobody’s watching.
Talk like nobody’s listening…

photo: Omid Armin / unsplash

“grant me the strength
to accept the things I cannot change, 
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference”

“We do not have to become heroes overnight.
Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up,
seeing it is not as dreadful as it appeared,
discovering we have the strength to stare it down”
[Eleanor Roosevelt]

Once you have reached some peace and stability in yourself, you are in a good position to step up, speak out and share what you know is true.

You never know how strong you are,
until being strong is your only choice”
Bob Marley

Behaving like a normal loving human being
might be the most revolutionary thing you can do.

Don’t be so serious. You can speak the truth and laugh and joke about it – this way you can break the ice of those spellbound by fear.
A brilliant example is George Carlin in the video below.
Humour can unite us, wether we fear the virus or the virus politics.

George Carlin – Germs, Immune System – a perfect video to share and reach others

Knowledge is Power – Empower Yourself!

Study independent sources. Knowledge will free you from FEAR, by debunking the threats of the virus – and the police state over you.
Know the basics of the “Law of the Land” and how to speak “legalese”. Here is a 1/2 hour short recommended introduction:

“Empowering yourself during covid” – half an hour video about the basics of Common Law (Law of the Land) and Admiral Law (Law of the Sea)

The above video is highly recommended if you are fearful of authorities and officials.
Once you realise it is all like a game they play with you and when you know the rules, it is easy, and you will feel free and laugh again.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE “Together we stand, divided we fall”
a new website supporting YOU:

website POWER TO THE PEOPLE “Together we stand, divided we fall”

Share information with others.
A good way is sharing a link to any of the chapters on,
for example to the face masks chapter:
or the chapter vaccination and immune system :
or the chapter about covid-19 vaccines:

Mind the trap of overloading yourself with information watching endless videos – there is no end to it. All it will do is raising your information level to a hight where nobody else can follow you any more – and you lose your time and energy.

STOP. Digest. Reflect. Sleep a night over it and plan and organise something you can DO. Doing a small thing is better than watching or reading about a big thing.

You may have “lost” several friends; by talking freely to others, you will soon find new connections.
Exchange phone numbers or e-mail. Start a “secret” chat group.

Battling alone is strenuous: find other like minded people,
connect with local people and get organised to inform and support and encourage each other.

Using chalk is not illegal. It can be a simple and effective way to get a message across.
Chalk does not cause any damage as the rain washes it off.

Join “A Stand in the Park” connecting and uniting people in parks all over the world every Sunday morning, 10-11am local time to celebrate freedom, diversity and fairness for all?

There are now nearly 600 parks participating every Sunday morning in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and France. Wear yellow in unity. It is a Stand, not a protest. We Stand for personal truth and freedom. Rain or shine.

Alone you are likely to become depressed, hopeless, ill and a victim.
TOGETHER we are strong and will succeed.
MANY science studies confirm, that a good social life is essential for health and longevity:

How to live active and happy past 100Be free from pain. Hear the real stories.”
on – LOTS of examples show the importance of social integration; loneliness kills.
Meditation is another pillar of good health – and avoiding looking into screens

Connect with others DIRECTLY without using a phone, zoom, email or other electronic ways or square screens.
Remember: all the money used to manipulate media, politics, science and medicine through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation came through profits made from ‘Windows’ software.
You do NOT want to support them by using their smart products!

Social Media…

Many people, especially in the UK, tend to “keep calm and carry on” – hoping by not sticking their heads out, but complying, they will avoid trouble. PLEASE consideer: there are many people who are waiting for SOMEONE to do something or speak out. Or they wait until two or three speak out – and then they join. YOU can be the one encouraging someone else to speak out by setting an example. Don’t be a coward.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s encouragement to SPEAK OUT before it is too late

Facebook friends and groups:
“Unfriending” or ignoring everyone who has a different opinion than you will deepen the divide. There’s no point preaching to the converted – go where the dissenters are. Best places to reach others outside your echo chamber are groups.
You need two kinds of groups:
one kind of group to find critical information (best national groups) –
and then the diverse or local discussion groups where you can discuss and debate and share things like virus politics. You will spot people agreeing with you, and can connect and start a local info- and support network.

Be polite in your language. Forget about “fighting others” or calling them “idiots” – this will NOT open them up, but cause them to put up their defenses. Read what they are sharing and fearing and meet them where they are. Invite them from heart to heart. Some people seriously still think the virus is the problem, and they do their best to react “to save lives”.
Would you agree, that a good starting point is asking questions?

Gradually withdraw your custom from Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and Vimeo who make profit with your data and censor and interfere with information and free speech.
Consider joining or other alternative social networks who do not steal your data or censor your content.
Find communication ways which are not intercepted by dark forces.
Signal and Telegram are much better than WhatsApp.

Money, profit, greed and power are driving most politics and conflicts. We need to directly target this at the source:

1) Don’t buy anything at big bad companies or corporations (like Amazon)
2) Do not work for big bad companies or corporations
3) Team up with others and start your own business or support a small ethical venture

4) Start to trade and exchange goods and services with each other without money in a LETS scheme (Local Exchange & Trade System) or a “Time Bank” based on time as currency.
5) Prepare for the “Great Reset” which will likely follow a phase of hyperinflation and a tsunamy of bancruptcies.
Try to get through the expected turmoil without ending in debt, which cmay result in you becoming a slave of “the system”, having to give up your liberties and accept various conditions.

MAKE A PLAN for a new life and consider leaving your job and moving away from big cities and office jobs.
Connect with nature and learn how to grow food; plant fruit trees, may be keep chickens.
Learn skills like gardening, cooking, building, repairing
you may be surprised how fulfilling and useful these can be.

it is time to “get out of the box” and the big cities. Small is beautiful.
image: Marco Zoppi / Unsplash

Contact With Authorities:

Ignore the uniforms and hats they wear and the authority they represent.
Approach them as human beings. Ask them personal questions.
Be peaceful and non violent. Know your rights and the basic “legalese” language. Don’t try to push them away (distance leads to confrontation) but invite them close, look into their eyes and feel their heart energy.
Invite them to agree with your view, (hopefully) the side of humanity.
WARNING: The UK Column reported on 11 (or was it 14th?) December, that police officers try to involve you into personal conversation and THEN arrest you accusing you disrespecting their authority. Not sure what to make of that?

Focus on unity to overcome the “divide and rule” situation.
Visualise that police, military, Council Covid Marshalls and forces in private contract agree with you and protect you (instead of fighting you)
Extinction Rebellion XR were very successful not calling police nasty names, but “we love you!”
The strategy could be “embrace – not fight”.

The Universe Supports Risk

Below is a lovely poem by Herman Hesse: “Steps”
Even when you think you have no chance: take it!
When all seems hopeless and dark, remember:
some blessings come as a disguise.
This poem encourages us to dare taking steps into the unknown:

“Steps” by the German poet Hermann Hesse
from “The Glass Bead Game”

As every blossom fades
and all youth sinks into old age,
so every life’s design,
each flower of wisdom,
every good attains its prime
and cannot last forever.
In life, each call the heart
must be prepared courageously

without a hint of grief,
submit itself to other new ties.
A magic dwells in each beginning,
protecting us

tells us how to live.

High purposed we must traverse
realm on realm,
cleaving to none as to a home,
the world of spirit
wishes not to fetter us
but raise us higher,

step by step.
Scarce in some safe
accustomed sphere of life
have we establish a house,
then we grow lax;
only he who is ready
to journey forth
can throw old habits off.

Maybe death’s hour too
will send us out new-born
towards undreamed-lands,
maybe life’s call to us
will never find an end …
Courage my heart,
take leave and fare thee well.

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